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COVID 19 Town Hall Recap Q&A


Q: Why is testing so important and how can folks access testing sites in the community:

A: Testing is extremely important because almost HALF of the patients infected with COVID 19 will have NO symptoms and can easily spread it without knowing it. A list of testing sites is available at


Q: How can folks be assured all the necessary steps were taken to produce a safe COVID 19 vaccine for the general public?


A: The vaccine was produced faster because of how deadly COVID can be and that the entire science community came together to work on vaccines. The technology used for these vaccines has been around for more than 10 years or more. Clinical trials required that everyone who received the vaccine wait at least 2 months to watch for bad reactions or consequences. More than 10 million Americans have received the vaccine and there have been no deaths reported and only a few allergic reactions.


Q: What is the recommended interval between shots?

A: Every vaccine is different. Pfizer vaccine is 21 days between the first and second shot. The Moderna vaccine is 28 days. Other vaccines that have not yet been approved will require only one dose.





Q: Can my place of employment mandate the Vaccine?



A:The short answer is Yes, BUT there are significant exceptions for potential

concerns related to a disability or religious beliefs. Employers will likely

encourage rather than force vaccination





Q:  Are you aware of instances where folks have experienced allergic reactions?:


A: Yes, but these have been EXTREMELY RARE. Most of the patients already had

a history of serious allergic reactions. Those with an allergic history will have to

wait 30 minutes after the vaccine shot instead of the usual 15 minutes to watch for allergic reactions.

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